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The Ask Auti project was founded in January 2022 after Faraway recognised and discussed the general lack of reliable information around autism. Though it is currently unfunded, the staff are passionate about bringing neurodiversity-affirmative, accessible and supportive responses from autistic researchers, autistic-centred groups and autistic perspectives.

Ask Auti seeks to find answers to all kinds of questions from the general public and, at time of writing, there have received 236 views from 89 unique visitors from across the UK and US, who between them have submitted 24 queries.


People tend to spend an average of 4 minutes 18 seconds on the page, suggesting the answers make for interesting reading – which is a bit of a relief for the authors, because researching in scientific journals and academic papers to develop an informed (and hopefully helpful!) response can take quite a bit longer!


If you have any questions about autism, autistic culture, or the autistic experience, Ask Auti – they’re there to learn with you.

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