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This is a fantastic way to get more autistic authors producing literary works. We have two main ways which we are supporting autistic authors: delivering classes to help them write fun and engaging stories and publishing and printing their work to help them to make a profit from their creative interests.

Creative Writing Group

We deliver 12 weekly classes that help aspiring writers develop their characters, settings, writing styles and even how they would get their book published and shared with the world.

This class is created and delivered by the author and illustrator of the book, Positively Negative: Putting Discouraging Thoughts to Good Use, Laurie Kennedy.

If you are interest in joining or want to find out more, please use the contact form below.


Autistic Authors Publishing (Previously "Authors with Autism Publishing")
We are printing and publishing books by autistic authors and giving them the ability to make a profit from their work. You can get a free ISBN, publishing, printing, promoting and more!

This project is no longer running, however, if you would like to be notified of updates on similar writing and publishing projects, please contact us on 



"The classes were very easy to understand, Laurie was very patient and helpful throughout and I learned a lot of useful things about various aspects of the writing process."

"It was fun to talk to and interact with other writers and autistics. Useful information and a chance to get help and feedback about my writing."

"Laurie's expert knowledge of writing and obvious love of the craft. His enthusiasm and positive feedback made me want to keep coming back each session. I've learned a lot about creative writing and how to expand my skills."

"Do it! It's fun, informative and given me a renewed love of writing. Laurie has been a joy to learn from."

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