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You can make a difference to the way autistic people near you are supported!


Join our membership programme today to give autistic people mentoring support, creative projects, employment opportunities, confidence building groups, and much much more.



Completely free to join and you get to find out all the news as it comes in.

Become a Follower

Benefits -

  • Updates through the website of events, projects, activities, blogs and much much more!


Free to join and you get invited to all of our groups and forums.

Check out the What's On page for all the social activities we offer.

Benefits -

  • Invites to all groups and forums 

  • Updates on fun things happening at The Faraway CIC

  • News on interesting things happening in the neurodivergent community.


An annual subscription of £29 where every penny goes towards projects that aim to build and support a neurodiverse community.

Benefits -

  • Faraway CIC Tote Bag with exclusive goodies

  • Free access to all training/workshops/events for a year.

  • Access to the allotment

  • A copy of the Happy Newspaper


Aimed at organisations but can be private individuals. Annual subscription based on organisation size - starting at £500.

Become a Sponsor

Benefits -

  • Enables specific projects to be delivered by Peer Mentors

  • Sponsor can have a direct say in how their funds are used

  • Autism Champion training sessions for affiliated staff of your organisation

  • Autism awareness support for staff

  • Autism friendly assessment of your workspace - we will assess your workspace and if it passes it will get The Faraway CIC Autism Friendly seal of approval (If it doesn't pass we will work with you to improve your work environment)

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