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Generously funded by the Amazon Literary Partnership,

the Let's be Authors Project isn't just a continuation of the workshops previously developed for the Autistic Authors Project, but a major step forward in the application of these workshops to a broader audience.

Creative Writing Workshops

We will deliver 12 weekly workshops that are bespoke to each group of attendees. The aim of each session is to help aspiring writers to discover how to develop their characters, settings, writing styles and even how they would get their book published and shared with the world.

The philosophy behind the delivery of each workshop is that you don't require academic qualifications or heaps of research to become a writer, you just need the tools and some confidence.

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The Power of Autism Anthology Book

During the delivery of this project, members of the Faraway and the greater autistic community will have the opportunity to sell their stories, artwork and poetry to Faraway to be added to an anthology book; currently going by the working title, "The Power of Autism".

All authors, poets and artists will be paid upfront for their creative contributions and still retain the copyright(s) affiliated with their works.

This book is to be a celebration of neurodiversity and a broad exploration of the autistic experience for anyone to enjoy.

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Testimonials from our last workshops

"The classes were very easy to understand, Laurie was very patient and helpful throughout and I learned a lot of useful things about various aspects of the writing process."

"It was fun to talk to and interact with other writers and autistics. Useful information and a chance to get help and feedback about my writing."

"Laurie's expert knowledge of writing and obvious love of the craft. His enthusiasm and positive feedback made me want to keep coming back each session. I've learned a lot about creative writing and how to expand my skills."

"Do it! It's fun, informative and given me a renewed love of writing. Laurie has been a joy to learn from."

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