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Celebrating 1 Year of Empowering Unique Minds

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

The Seeds have been Sown for a Brighter Future

With all your support and best wishes we have been going for one year strong!

Delivering Workshops, Autism Champion Training, Radio Shows and IT support has kept us on our toes and we would love to give back to our nurturing community with a big celebration event on 1st December 2020!

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Our Story

In November 2019, The Faraway CIC directors; Thomas Jones, Laurie Kennedy, Jayne Moran and Tina Seed put together a document that would be the visions and values statement that became the basis of all future projects for the non-profit.

The first project funded by the CIC was the Autism Mentor project. In this they hired three members of staff with lived experience of autism to support other individuals in the autistic community to achieve their employment goals.

To find out more about this project, click here.

In late March, the United Kingdom went into lockdown.

Early into this, the CIC funded the For The Love Of Carers radio show, hosted by DJ Colin Binns and Stuart Virgo, which became a hit for local carers.

The show offered carers across Lincolnshire: messages of tribute, great music and would stop playing music, every week on Thursday at 8 for one minute, to allow listeners to join in with the nationwide clap for the NHS.

To find out more about this project, click here.

In September, Membership with The Faraway CIC went live, boasting a lot of bonus content and goodies to all that joined.

This includes free training sessions, workshops, a say in the future of The Faraway CIC and last but not least, all members receive a branded tote bag containing exclusive merchandise, a book, sensory gadgets and more.

To find out more about joining our membership programme, click here.

What’s next for the CIC?

The future is bright for those with unique minds. There are more projects and updates coming very soon!

In late October, our first class of creatives will be learning how to get into becoming a published author with a class created and hosted by the writer of ‘Positively Negative: Putting Discouraging Thoughts to Good Use’.

This class will be looking into what we enjoy about stories and how we can tell our tales in new ways that resonate with and entertain the reader.

There currently is no spaces left in these classes, but if you wish to join in future, email to show your interest in this project.

To find out more about this project, click here.

To end this year, we are working hard to reduce isolation in Lincolnshire during the COVID lockdown.

Many autistic people have felt locked away and don’t have the means to communicate with those that mean a lot to them.

Our Digital Isolation Project will give people who don’t have the technology or knowledge the ability to feel connected and part of the community they live in. This can be online support, training and even offering the technology itself.

To find out more about this project, click here.

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