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Our shop is open! (Well, virtually it is)

You can now view and purchase products made by members and clients of The Faraway CIC on our website.

All funds go towards paying the artist for their hard work and also towards future amazing projects.

The first of which are the books produced in partnership with the Authors with Autism Project.



The Nuisance Child by Steven Roy Burton

The new book by eccentric and prolific poet, Steven Roy Burton. This book is currently a Faraway Bookshop exclusive following the author's completion of our Creative Writing Group. The story follows Charlotte into her dizzying story of hallucinations and her battles with her psychosis as she struggles to regain the clarity of her mind taken by an odd manifestation; known only by the name...Bob.

Positively Negative: Putting Discouraging Thoughts to Good Use by Laurie Kennedy

A book written by, The Faraway CIC Director, Laurie Kennedy. He wrote this book as a visual way to tell stories about negative thoughts that affect a lot of autistic people. It also explores the positives we can get from elements of negativity. Follow Li, Kamya, Hanna and Harry as they challenge their negativity monsters. Are these monsters to be feared? Are they to be beaten down? Or maybe they need something else from you.



The Etsy shop set up by Autism Mentor, Lucy Mager, as a way of helping artists show off their amazing artwork, some produced in our Arts and Crafts Groups has gone live and you can view the fantastic artwork now!

First on the store are these beautiful postcards that display the creative woodcarving work of, CIC Member, Emma Skinner.



All this arty stuff interest you?

You might want to join our arts and crafts groups. Here we have fun getting creative in a fun and engaging online environment. All groups are hosted on Zoom.

We have a morning group on every Monday at 11:00 to 12:30.

And, an evening group fortnightly on Wednesdays 20:00 to 21:00.

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