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“Once I got into writing, I couldn’t stop!” - Steven’s Story

We talk with, author, Steven Burton about how Faraway’s Creative Writing Workshops have helped him develop his craft.

Steven his novel published shortly after completing the creative writing workshops.

In 2020, Steven attended the first lot of sessions delivered by Laurie Kennedy, a tutor and Director of Faraway. Due to this taking place during the COVID lockdown, all classes were delivered virtually. These sessions were hugely successful and many of those that attended left rave reviews.

"The classes were very easy to understand, Laurie was very patient and helpful throughout and I learned a lot of useful things about various aspects of the writing process."

– Attendee

"It was fun to talk to and interact with other writers and autistics. Useful information and a chance to get help and feedback about my writing."

– Attendee

You can see more testimonials on the Let’s Be Authors Project page.

Steven came away from the classes with a short story completed and titled, ‘The Nuisance Child.’ Faraway supported him by publishing it and selling it on their website and at local events.

Now, Steven has published over ten books and had his poetry and stories included in other anthologies.

We asked Steven about his experience with the Creative Writing Workshops and how it has impacted his writing. He said:

“I got into writing at a very young age and most of my stories often fit in the horror genre. I enjoy escaping into my own little bubble when I write, it can be so exciting to explore and when I do, I simply cannot stop!
“On the creative writing group classes, I felt welcomed, and I learned a lot. It really helped me to figure out new ways to expand the work; specifically, the concept of “show don't tell” resonated well with me.
“I was struggling a lot with the layout of each of my stories at the time, and since then, I have been able to make my stories more focused.
“I would encourage anyone who wants to attend. It truly is a benefit to anyone even slightly interested in creating and sharing with like-minded people."

We then asked Steven what he is working on now. He said:

“I am still writing constantly and recently completed a five short story horror collection, a paranormal detective story and poems. Plus, I have written the first instalment of a fantasy story, and I am excited to continue to write the rest. I have since gotten my niece and nephew on their writing journey also, they have even published their own short stories!”

We asked Laurie Kennedy what he thought about Steven’s continued success following the workshops. He said:

“It was a pleasure helping Steven to develop and tell the stories that he felt were locked up in his mind. I recall him always being excited to discuss his writing and him and Faraway have stayed in touch since.
“We have invited him to several of our events to do book signings and it is always great to see him enjoying passing on his enthusiasm to all those that come to his stall.
“I wish him all the best on all his writing endeavours, and I feel so proud to have helped him on taking his first steps to becoming a published author.”
The creative writing groups will be continuing both in-person and virtually. The in-person groups are starting October 2nd with the virtual sessions to be announced soon.

To join the group or for more information, visit and register.

Interested in reading some of Steven’s catalogue of books?

Here’s a list of his books and where to buy them.

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