Winter Writing Competition - Winner Announced!

Updated: Apr 6

This winter, to add a little festive cheer and as part of our Authors with Autism Project, the tutor held a winter themed story and poetry competition for autistic authors to submit their stories so they may win the prize of getting their story made into a video storybook.

It was really hard to judge so many fantastic stories but we had to pick one winner.

The winner of the Winter Writing Competition is...

William McArdle with his fantastic poem, "Barry Bunny".

Here is his submission:

"Barry Bunny"

by William McArdle

On the very first Christmas,

Of their sweet baby boy,

Mummy and Daddy

Found Harry's new toy.

Under their tree,

Where you might think to look,

There was perfume for mummy,

And for daddy, a book.

But next to their presents,

From where, who can say?

Was something for Harry,

On that bright Christmas Day.

It was a cute, cuddly bunny,

With big floppy ears.

Always ready for hugs,

Whenever there's tears.

Its body was pear shaped,

Its tail was odd too.

Its short fur was grey,

But some thought it blue.

"He just needs a name,"

Said Mummy to Harry.

"Hey! Why don't we call,