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Story Time

Genloki: The Edge of Ambience

by Rich Noble (Author)

Our worthy heroes pit their wits and skills against friends and foes alike on their quest/tour to retrieve what was once found but is now lost.

Rock 'n' roll history meets fantasy in this epic tale of castles, dragons and shrieking guitars!

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Print Length

100 pages




Publication date


24 June 2021


About the Author

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Rich got interested in music when he made his own ‘guitar’ with stretched elastic bands, a real one arriving a few years later. From the start he preferred more adventurous music that took the listener on a journey, as found on many early rock albums.

He spent decades working in bands doing both covers and his original songs before deciding to drop the covers entirely and to concentrate on his song writing, with over a hundred pieces of music to his credit.

He says that his music forms the soundtracks to imaginary films while his books are written in sonata form, beloved of Mozart, etc!

When asked about what he wants the reader to get from his books he said:

“It’s Terry Pratchett meets Spinal Tap in Middle Earth. I really hope you enjoy it and laugh along the way."

This was made possible by our Creative Writing Projects

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