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Arts & Crafts Group


Fortnightly Thursdays 2:30 – 4:30 pm (check calendar as group has service breaks)


The Val Waterhouse Centre, 41-43 Kent St, Grimsby DN32 7DH

The Faraway’s Arts and Crafts group currently run an informal fortnightly afternoon group where members are welcome to bring something to work on and chat with other Autistic Creatives.

Those wanting to participate in more structured activities are also catered for, with topics of the month including Mandalas, Neurographic Art, Collage, Decoupage and much more.

Coming soon: Anyone unable to make the group is welcome to join our private Facebook page where you can get involved with these projects and share your work online in a safe and welcoming environment! To join the mailing list which will give you all the relevant information, please fill in a self- referral stating you want to join the arts and crafts group.

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