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Post-diagnostic Group


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The Val Waterhouse Centre, 41-43 Kent St, Grimsby DN32 7DH

At Faraway, we understand first-hand how challenging it can be to come to terms with receiving a diagnosis of Autism. This is why we have designed a course of 5 online sessions designed and led by Peer Mentors exploring topics such as:
- How do you feel about your diagnosis?
- Understanding yourself
- Managing Energy Levels
- Sensory, Masking and Stimming
- What next? Personal Development Post-Diagnosis

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It’s been good to have the information and put things in place.
It’s been really good for me. It has allowed me to engage without an intricate mask to hide my true self.
When the option presented itself for a 1:1 with a peer mentor, I’m glad I took it.

- Member

I got my diagnosis privately and since then have felt really isolated. This group has helped me to get out and accept me for who I am. I felt able to connect and relate to other members there and the mentors themselves.
I found these sessions are extremely valuable for someone who has just been diagnosed.

- Member

I learnt a lot from my time on the group. I learnt that everyone with autism is different and I learnt more about my own anxiety. I think this group would be very useful for anyone who has been recently diagnosed.

- Member

I 've always known I was autistic, but wasn’t believed; I was invalidated and it messed with my head. I felt overwhelmed after my diagnosis. Everything made sense now and it took time to know myself properly and, thanks to the groups, I am now mixing with others. Making friends and being understood has been mindblowing for me. I have never been able to connect and felt completely alone.
I am not so alone now. This group has been the most amazing thing.
These groups have taught me to be kinder to myself. Now I understand the meaning of a sensory overload which has been very helpful!

- Member

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