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Pre-diagnostic Group


1:1 appointments on request


In person at The Val Waterhouse Centre, 41-43 Kent St, Grimsby DN32 7DH or online via Zoom

For those exploring whether they need an autism assessment, this can be a confusing and lonely time. We offer peer led Pre-Diagnostic support for anyone on a waiting list for a diagnostic assessment where we hope to ease the anxiety surrounding the process by giving relevant information, answering any questions and exploring coping techniques to build resilience. Following your referral, one of our peer mentors will email you two pre-recorded online sessions:
- Understanding and Awareness (understanding neurodiversity and the diagnostic process) part 1 and 2
- Resilience and Coping Skills

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I have to say, well done and keep up the great work you do, Lucy. We all appreciate it. Same goes to Jay, you have both been amazing and made me feel so comfortable and welcome.

- Member

Waiting lists for diagnosis are long and this group helped me as I was struggling with the length of the wait and not being able to talk to anyone about it.
Having a 1:1 session really helped and now I want to know more.
I feel like I have a better understanding now.

- Member

I feel much more hopeful for the future after attending the group.
The information was easy to understand and I feel that I much better understand the autism diagnosis.

- Member

I feel much better after attending these sessions. The opportunity for advocacy is the best thing I've heard in 3 years!
The content for understanding and awareness was very helpful. Seeing a picture of the neurodivergent brain said it all. It makes sense.
The content was easy to understand and process. I like that you're dedicated to constantly evolving the content!
I know where to go for help if I need it.

- Member

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