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Get Paid for your Creativity!

Faraway are extending the deadline date for the Power of Autism Anthology work submissions to November 10th 2024.

Part of the Let's Be Author's Project, this book will showcase the amazing imaginations and creativity of autistic people.

The key aim of the creation of this book is to create a collection of diverse art and literature to showcase the lives, experiences and imagination of the, often overlooked or misjudged, autistic community.

Faraway also see it as extremely important to make sure that all artists and authors involved in the book are recognised for their hard work and given payment for all submitted works - with £50 being offered for each work used in the final book.

Tutor for the Let’s Be Authors Project, Rosemarie Cawkwell commented on her thoughts on the proposed anthology book. They said:

Rosemarie Cawkwell
Tutor and Research Assistant, Rosemarie Cawkwell
"I hope this anthology showcases the amazing talent of Autistic writers and artists to a wider audience. Commonly, we're assumed to be literal and incapable of analogy or imaginative thought. I hope this shows just how inaccurate those assumptions are."

Submission Guidelines

We allow all content by autistic writers. We are specifically wanting: poetry, short stories and artwork. Submissions do NOT need to be about autism or the autistic experience - we just want to see your creativity!


We don’t have any ‘hard and fast’ rules on submissions; however, we have some preferences.


Art submissions

  • In the following formats: png, jpg, jpeg, pdf

  • Bigger than 400 x 400 pixels

  • Leave artwork uncropped – we will edit images to fit the book

  • Please submit work in the highest possible quality - if the file is too big for an email, please get in touch and we'll discuss other submission methods.


Writing Submissions

  • In the following formats: rtf, doc, docx, txt,

  • Can be submitted in the body of an email.

  • We don’t have a word limit of minimum or maximum, but please don’t send an entire novel!

All works must be submitted to before the new deadline of November 10th 2024.

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