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Story Time

Positively Negative

by Laurie Kennedy (Author)

Follow Li, Kamya, Hanna and Harry as they challenge their negativity monsters. Are these monsters to be feared? Are they to be beaten down? Or maybe they need something else from you.

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Print Length

26 pages




Publication date


10 April 2020


About the Author

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Laurie Kennedy, although mostly known as a Director for Faraway, is an artist, writer, filmmaker and photographer among other things.
Nearing 2 years, he has been supporting autistic people with creative writing and helping them to get their stories out there and on paper.

Faraway commissioned him to deliver 36 weeks of creative writing groups bespoke towards an autistic audience.

When asked about these groups, Laurie said:
"I have never been so happy to share my knowledge with such an enthusiastic group of people.
"Autistic people like myself, I find, have vivid imaginations and with these classes I see it not as me teaching new skills to those in my class but unlocking the creativity they had inside all along."

This was made possible by our Creative Writing Projects

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