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Let There Be Autistic Authors!

Faraway granted £4,800 of funding from Amazon Literary Partnership to deliver Creative Writing Workshops to encourage the sharing and publishing of autistic experiences and stories.

This funding will go towards the delivery of a new project, the ‘Let’s Be Authors Project’.

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A few workshop facilitators will deliver specially designed Creative Writing Workshops across North East Lincolnshire and Hull. They have been developed with accessibility in mind and, by the end of 12 sessions, the participants will have developed the outline for a story with the knowledge and motivation to put their words into a book format.

Ending off this project, Faraway have also put into development, an anthology book with the working title: “The Power of Autism”. This book aims to showcase the personal experiences, poetry and artwork of autistic/neurodiverse people.

We asked Laurie Kennedy, a Director for Faraway, for a word on the project. He said:

“I very much believe that the autistic community has some of the greatest creatives I have ever seen. What I hope to give them isn’t an English lesson, but the tools needed to share their stories and creativity with the community and, I guess, the world.
“Creative writing is a hobby very close to my heart and, as an autistic person myself, I feel it brings me a lot of joy and self-confidence. This is something I want to share with my peers in the community.
“In my opinion, writing shouldn’t be something only those with a master’s degree or extensive further learning should be able to attempt. We are born storytellers, we just need the right tools and a little bit of confidence to turn a story into a novel.”

To stay up to date on this project,

please email and ask to be put on the Let’s Be Authors mailing list.

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